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At the end of a long day you'll want your tent to be clean, comfortable and able to adequately protect you from the elements. Follow the Tent Care suggestions below and you'll have a tent that will give you years of service because you take care of it.

Initial Care
When you get a new tent, always open it and set it up before you take it out in the wild. This accomplishes two things; you get to practice setting up your tent at a leisurely pace, without the pressure of an approaching storm or darkness causing you to rush and possibly damage your tent or set it up improperly, and it gives you the opportunity to apply sealer to all the seams. 

Yes, manufacturer's seal the seams but you'll appreciate the extra peace of mind you'll gain knowing you sealed them as well, and you'll appreciate not getting wet inside your tent during a storm. It's a small investment of time that will yield a large return for you. 

Proper Storage
Let's face it, unless you're camping every weekend or hiking around the country, your tent will spend the majority of its life in storage. Proper storage will help extend the life of your tent.

    1. Make sure it's dry - nothing will start the downward trend of degradation in your tent like the mold and mildew caused by storing it when it's not completely dry. If circumstances force you to break camp in the rain or when the tent is still damp, take it out and set it up to dry and air out as soon as you can. 2. Fold or roll it differently - Folding your tent or even rolling it, the same way every time you store it will cause creases to develop. Over time, those creases can and will result in damages to the material.
Tents can last 5-20 years with regular use and proper care. You may need to replace the poles or even change out a zipper, but your tent fabric structure can last several years without deteriorating 

Wash your tents to lengthen their lifespan.
  • Heavy Use (10-20 camp trips/ year) - wash once a year, at the end of the season. Occasional Use (5-12 camp trips/ year) - wash once every other year. Mild use (2-6 camp trips/ year) - wash once every few years.
Set up your tent outside at home on a nice sunny day. Use the hose, mild detergents, sponges, terry cloth rags. Use a scouring pad only on hard to clean spots. The thin tent screens are very fragile, so be careful when cleaning them.

Rain Fly
  • This separate piece can be washed in a large commercial front loading washing machine with a mild non-bleach detergent. It is best to wash it with a blanket and choose the cold water 'gentle' setting on the washer. Don't even think of putting it in the hot drier.