What is Wildcraft?
Wildcraft is India's leading Adventure Equipment & Outdoor Gear Company. In this business for more than a decade and a half, and with over a half-million satisfied customers, users find our gear to be aesthetic, durable and functional.

Which country is Wildcraft from?
Wildcraft is India's first and largest outdoor-gear retail chain. Started and headquartered at Bangalore, Wildcraft, despite its Indian pedigree, today is known as an international brand owing to its superior quality, functionality and design. 

Are Wildcraft products for me?
Our gear currently caters to adventure aficionados, the armed forces, corporate, multi-purpose travel, campuses, casual travelers... we can go on and on - basically everybody who care to spice up their life with a pinch of outdoors and adventure. All we want to do is to quench that thirst for adventure in you. 
All you need to say is Wildcraft.

Who are the founders?
Wildcraft started in a small garage in the year 1992, to cater to the growing demands for quality adventure and outdoor equipment. We have come a long way since then and over the years have added over 100 designs to suit varied needs.